Micro Roasting: How Does It Work?

Life is short, so we better make it sweet. Having the best coffee to start your day is priceless. That being said, you might want to discover something good, like adding some coffee specialty, like the freshly roasted coffee. Whatever you think of it, micro roasting and coffee syrup aren’t just about how your coffee tastes. It’s about how well it will suit your coffee needs and preferences.


Adding some coffee specialty impacts your coffee. Your coffee must complement and develop a flavor that you can always come running and excited to drink. Perhaps you are curious about how micro roasting works and wants to go deeper into knowing its impact to have that best coffee cup. That’s why in this article, you will know more about what is micro roasting, so you will understand what is good about it.



What is Micro Roasted Coffee? 


Micro roasting of coffee is known to many as the best and flavorful type of coffee available in the local market. It is a coffee roasted into small batches through a roasting machine to get into their exact specifications. To perfectly create this coffee, it must be calculated to always bring out the best for the coffee beans being roasted.


When coffee beans were already roasted, it will give a rich flavor and quality that can never be compared to any traditional coffee or any brands you usually buy in the local stores. However, micro-roasted coffee is more expensive, but you should know that it’s all worth it as it makes up for its price by being very high in the quality of its taste.


Once you have tried the micro-roasted coffee, you can definitely tell the difference in the quality of those store-bought coffee products. It ensures an even roast finish product, so if you want to have that great cup of coffee, then the micro roasting coffee is a way to go.


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Who Prepares Micro Roasted Coffee? 


A perfect micro roasting coffee would not be perfect without the help of a professional. Thanks to the roastmasters, as they are the professional individuals who prepare the micro-roasted coffee. They facilitate the entire process, as they were skilled professionals with years of experience in the business. They usually use their five senses to check and detect if the coffee beans are roasted perfectly.


More so, the roastmasters are responsible for creating coffee blends so you can enjoy a coffee regularly. These roast master skilled professionals must have a wide knowledge of coffee beans that are ideal for micro roasting and how these coffee beans should be roasted correctly to bring out a flavorful cup of coffee to perfection.



Knowing Your Coffee’s Character


One of the best things about micro roasting is how you understand the character of your coffee. This is better, especially when you want a coffee that tastes really good. Understanding your coffee’s character with these 5 useful points will help you with the decision process.



Coffee’s Profile 


Profiling of coffee comes with a combination of factors. It includes the region, origin, variety, and processing to determine what kind of flavors you would expect from your coffee. This will be a key determinant concerning micro-roasting.



Degree of Roasting and Equipment 


You should also take into account the coffee equipment to know the degree of roasting. Your coffee grinder should be consistent when it comes to extraction. That’s why you should roast the coffee with a darker touch to ensure the best flavor.





Since coffee is a seasonal product, you still want to acquire anything fresh as much as possible. You must be aware of the harvest seasons and be conscious of the time. Crops that aren’t fresh enough may result in poor conditions while in transit. Buy a coffee that is fresh if you want something juicy and flavorful.



Direct Trade or Importers


When you buy your coffee, you have to be aware that direct trading with the farmers means that you have to wait until the processing and harvesting period has been completed. This may take a year or so. Unlike the importers, they can supply the coffee immediately.





Knowing about micro roasting and how it works to coffee may somehow make you feel overwhelmed. It helps you with the coffee to choose based on your preference. Micro roasting is a way to go as you are always greeted with the best smell of freshly roasting coffee beans. I hope this guide has helped you pull off that best-tasting coffee, especially for coffee shop owners. It helps a lot, especially if you want micro roasting.